Real Casino, Real Yields, Real Bets

Decentralized, Transparent, Autonomous, and Fair Casino Games on Arbitrum


$1+ million

Monthly Volume Of Bets placed on the Casino


Available Cryptocurrencies for Betting

30+ million

ArbiRoul Casino Chip (ROUL) Burnt


Real Yield Distributed to Stakers


Bringing the best of both of worlds right here on Arbitrum

ArbiRoul ecosystem is unlike any other CasinoFi project on Arbitrum. It's the best. We bring two special casinos, Roul Classic and Rouler.
Roul Classic is our very own games running in an completely autonomous, decentralized, on-chain and transparent casino game.
Rouler is a licensed casino built with OWLDao and offers lightning fast bets, thousands of games, and the luxury associated with a licensed and regulated service.

Fusion of the blockchain casinos and real world casinos
Safe and transparent betting – take control of your own casino gaming
2000+ Games - Enjoy Licensed Games on Arbitrum

ArbiRoul is unlike every other Arbitrum Casino: It’s better.

We serve the best of both worlds using our dual model. The Roul Classic part serves the cyberphunk crypto participant with a full on-chain and decentralized ledger based casino gaming. Rouler serves the newcomers to blockchain world with a fully licensed casino and over 2000+ games to ease into the participation of playing in the casino using Cryptocurrencies. Both parts of this dual strategy offer the state-of-the-art randomness service as well as military-grade encryption to prevent your data from leaking.


We have been audited by some of the leading blockchain and cybersecurity firms in the space. Security and safety of our users is our #1 priority. Our codebase is maintained by experienced DeFi developers with solid fundamental knowledge of security in scaling and sustainable applications.


Our casino games as well as our tokens are maintained to have the best liquidity possible in order for users to facilitate their transactions with ease. Our deep liquidity is one of our largest strengths on Arbitrum.

Real Yields

Our casino offers real yields to our users in the form of RLP, ROUL, as well as ETH. This ensures a complete ecosystem of balanced approach between players and holders. Our unique yield mechanism leads to a sustainable approach towards running a casino.

ArbiRoul has been audited by leading blockchain cybersecurity firms Learn More.

Empowering Users

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#GambleFi is a good market fit for the crypto market. You know how it's a recession but people still spend their rent monies on casino games. $ROUL should be a great hold until 2025 for the Great Golden Bull Run (TM)

Sushi Man Chart Analyst, Thread Writer

Remmeber this insane APR is due to @ArbiRoul app usage! Fees from users are distributed to coin holders, this is NOT token emissions! #REALYIELD IS REAL, $ROUL IS REAL

Chulu Uranium Squeezer

Play Casino Games to win and bet big on Arbitrum

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